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Tsung Tsin Association

       of Ontario

             Welcomes you!

The President’s Letter,  January 2023

Dear Valued Tsung Tsin Members, 

It is unbelievable that we have not met in person in over three years!!  I hope you and your families are well. I am hopeful that things can get back to some sense of normalcy, as we look forward to the future.

COVID has changed many things, from the way we handle our personal lives, business practices and social gatherings.  Tsung Tsin has tried to be as careful as possible to ensure the safety of all our volunteers and members.  As an association, we were closed to in-person events and activities for over 18 months.  We are slowly getting back to some in-person activities at our main hall.  I am sure you miss our events as much as we do, and are anticipating the resumption of our monthly gatherings.

Tsung Tsin is a wonderful community of families and friends.  Just like all families, we support, help and comfort each other during good times and hard times. I would like to express our sympathies to those who have lost loved ones during these past years and congratulations to families that have grown through marriages and births! 

Although the association was closed for the past years, the operations and expenses continued.  I would like to thank all the board members and volunteers who continued to serve and support Tsung Tsin.  Our CRSY members were hard at work to try and adapt to the new normal by initiating Zoom, Google meet and other forms of streaming to continue some of the activities.  Many of our members tried to keep in touch with others who were feeling very isolated and telephone conversations were revived.  Our volunteers and CRSY board members also had a few “Take Out” Dinners which were so well received.  Summerfest 2022 was wonderful!  You would not believe that it all came together in only a couple of months!  I would also like to thank our Executive Board members who were very active in continuing the upkeep of the association building and other operations. 

I would also extend our gratitude to all members who have made donations
to help with expenses at the association.  Unfortunately, our expenses have
continued throughout the pandemic even though we have not been able to
have many events to raise funds.  Mem
bership dues and donations have
continued throughout our closure and this speaks to how highly Tsung Tsin
is regarded.  We appreciate your continued support

Annual General Meeting

I would like to invite you to the Annual General Meeting of your Association which will take place at the Tsung Tsin Main Hall on Sunday, April 16th, 2023. The meeting will begin at 11:00am followed by a light lunch. 


This year we will also be holding Elections for our Board of Directors and Supervisory Board.  I urge you to consider joining our Boards.  We need great people who will continue the work we do to serve our community.

On behalf of your TTA Board of Directors, I wish you all good health and prosperity.  We are anticipating a great year as we move forward!

Thank you for your continued support!

Jennifer Chin


Addendum to the President’s Letter, March 2023


Dear Family and Friends,

This a follow-up to my appeal to you in January of this year for your financial support. Thank you to those who have made a donation or paid membership fees. Your contribution means a lot to Tsung Tsin at this time.

However, if you have been meaning to do your part, now would be a good time to make your contribution. You can mail us a cheque or send an e-transfer. Please see the donation slip attached for details or call our Treasurer, Shirley Chung at 416-471-9764.

With my best wishes,

Jennifer Chin



News from TTA


It is with profound sorrow that we announce the passing of George
Phang-Lyn (彭道仁). He died peacefully at home, surrounded by his loving family.


TTA on Facebook

We invite you to join the Tsung Tsin Ontario Facebook page. Send us your email address you use for Facebook and an invite will be sent.

In Memoriam

George Phang-Lyn   彭道仁

August 10, 1937 - July 24, 2022

Toronto Game Changers


Congratulations Jamaica 60 Toronto Game Changers. Recently announced were 35 of the most influential and impactful next-generation and senior leaders of Jamaican heritage in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area.
Our very own president - Jennifer Chin made the exclusive list!


TTA Book Club

Letters to My Grandchildren : Memoirs of a Dragon Lady Vol.I
- by Carol Wong

Carol draws on her memory to recall her happy and carefree life growing up in Jamaica, studying and getting married in Canada and returning to Jamaica only to follow her destiny to become a Hakka Chinese Dragon Lady in Toronto.

Jamaica My 50 Years in Photographs - by Ray Chen 

The book is filled with beautiful images of Jamaican culture and shows the growth of the country. This is a final passion project for Ray, as he moved from Canada and relinquished his career as a successful commercial photographer, publishing over 10 books about Jamaica throughout the years.

Canadian Jamaican Chinese & Jamaican Chinese Worldwide, One Family
- by Patrick Lee

A wonderful reference book detailing the history of the Chinese migration to Jamaica between 1854 and 1884 and the lives lived on the island nation between the 1950s to the 1970s . 

Son of Two Mothers

- by Sherwin Tony Chong 

Son of Two Mothers has a sweeping historical backdrop that spans WW II,
The Sino-Japanese War, and countries that include Jamaica, China and Canada. But above all, it remains an intensely personal book. Sherwin Tony Chong was borne of two mothers and two lands, never quite belonging in any one place.

Finding Samuel Lowe Book & DVD - by Paula Madison 

Spanning 4 generations and moving between New York, Jamaica, and China, a powerful memoir that is a universal story of one woman’s search for her maternal grandfather and the key to her self-identity.

Chiney Shop and Half DVD's

- by Jeanette Kong 

This documentary explores the complex relationship and social interaction between the chinese shopkeepers and their Jamaican customers.

Letters to My Grandchildren : Memoirs of a Dragon Lady Vol.II
- by Carol Wong

Jamaican-Chinese Carol continues to
relate her memoirs during the next
Chinese Zodiac Cycle of her colourful
life migrating from Jamaica and arriving
for a second time in her new homeland
of choice - Ontario, Canada. 
Proceeds from book sales go towards the TTA relocation fund.

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