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Contact Us

Tsung Tsin Association of Ontario

3880 Midland Ave.

Scarborough, Ontario

Canada M1V 5K4

tel: (416)-321-0886         

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NEW and Existing Members

Please download and complete the printable Application Form (PDF) below and send by regular mail
along with a cheque payable to Tsung Tsing Association of Ontario. For existing members, please fill-out the
bottom portion of the form. Thank your for your continued support!


Membership to the Tsung Tsin Association is open to all members of the Hakka Community.  Persons of Non-Hakka heritage may also join as associate members. Benefits of a TTA Membership include your support for the community and discounts for TTA events.

Join the Mailing List

Fill out the below form to be added to the TTA mailing list.  You will be kept up to date with the developments within our community and be notified of upcomming events.

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