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Seniors (and everyone else) Empowerment Series - Live Life Fully!

Happy Easter everyone!  Spring is the usual time to clean out the cobwebs and spruce up your house.  But what about ourselves?  We also need a spring make-over!  We all want to remain healthy so we can go on with our lives.  With this in mind, the Tsung Tsin Association will be having a program called the Seniors (and everyone else) Empowerment Series.  

This program will feature fitness classes led by a chiropractor, pickleball sessions at a nearby gym, and seminars and workshops run by people who are qualified in their respective fields.  The goal is to improve your mental and physical health.  These activities will be in addition to the weekly ones that are already taking place at TTA.

We are never too young to consider what the future has in store for us, so this series is not for seniors alone.  We all have to keep fit, eat healthy, and remember what we did yesterday.


Bulletins will be coming out in the next few weeks to inform you of each new activity so you can register and participate fully in the days of your life!


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