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Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Dear Family and Friends,

Kung Hee Fat Choy!

I hope you are all staying safe during what feels like an extra-long movie, complete with dread, disappointments and hope. I miss our events and get-togethers and long for when we can gather once more.

Hakka people are nothing if not resilient, and our association has always found ways to adapt.

In 2021, we couldn’t sit down to dinner in our facility, but our incredible volunteers still put together several mouth-watering meals to go. Our first Hakka dinner in July was a huge success, as was our mid-autumn festival and festive Christmas dinners. We greatly appreciate your support for these endeavours.

Despite another challenging year, our wonderful members still found ways to foster community.

In October, we had our annual fundraising (and socially distanced) walkathon. We had some members who walked from our association, and others who walked on their own. Still our participants were successful in raising donations which were greatly appreciated.

Debbie Chin-Fook also arranged another very successful donation drive for the First Peoples of Fenelon Falls. We must remember that we are a part of a greater society and how we can affect others. Thanks to all who came out to this donation drive. It was so successful that we had to turn donations away as the bus that came filled up very quickly.

Tsung Tsin still has fixed expenses, even though we haven’t been able to have activities or events to raise revenue. As you know, we still have condominium fees and property taxes, and your support has been greatly appreciated. Our SOS fund drive is still continuing and we want to thank all our supporters. A very special mention to Glenor Josephs and Kisko Products who made a very generous donation!

I also want to mention that the World Hakka Conference has been rescheduled to June 24-26, 2022. It promises to be a wonderful event, full of information, cultural events, and the opportunity to meet Hakka people from all over the world! If you would like more information or to register, please contact me at

Though eventually shut down by the omicron variant, we did manage to get together at the association a few times. We began our gradual re-opening on November 15, starting with table tennis, mahjong, and exercise classes. I am greatly heartened by the fact that during that short window of opportunity, we returned to normal as best we could while still keeping our members safe. This makes me hopeful that when we do re-open, we have the tools to do so safely and responsibly.

In the meantime, our members have been participating in our on-line karaoke sessions, Mandarin and Hakka classes, and exercise classes to name a few. Thank you to the respective coordinators for arranging these events.I would like to wish you all a very safe and happy new year! I look forward to seeing you all in person soon!

Jennifer Chin

President, TTA

FYI: Please take the time to renew your Tsung Tsin Membership and, if possible, make a donation using this printable form. Thank you!



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