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Hakka Heritage & Culture Day - 2016

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Sunday, November 27, 2016 was Tsung Tsin’s 3rd annual Hakka Heritage and Culture Day. It was such a successful event that everything was sold off including 10 dozen sow bow and 32 dozen lopet ban. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Artist, Jordon Wu was there doing a Chinese painting demonstration, and we learned how to write our Chinese name from a Calligrapher, after being given one, if we didn’t have a name before.Simone Tai introduced the art of how to make Chinese knots with an in depth class to be taught in February by Angela Peace, a well-respected Chinese Knotting artist. Books written by TTA members were also on sale. The Clearview Dance School presented 2 dances and the Neo Ch’an White Tiger Community did a Kung Fu demonstration.

For $5 you could get a lunch of delicious soup, rice, and two of the following - pork and yam, dungoo chicken, roast chicken, or tofu with lopet. Sow Bow and lopet ban were also on sale. The cooking demonstrations were a popular event with Harold and Rose Wong cooking a mussel and black bean sauce dish and Charley and Betty Chung showing us how to slow cook pork with black bean sauce. Everyone got free samples of these two delicious dishes.

We saw a video produced by Cecil and Cynthia Hugh Sam that were made from photographs taken of the TTA Trip to China in September. NIne family villages were featured and some members were lucky enough to visit family who still lived there.

Thank you to coordinator Denise Yap Sam, and the committee, the cooks who made all the delicious food and the indispensable volunteers.


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