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Herman Chang Leads TTA in Strategic Planning Workshop - 2017

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

What does Tsung Tsin Association of Ontario mean to you? Is it just a social club, a place where you drop in once a month for an event? Is it a cultural mecca from where we draw inspiration? Who are its members, young or old and what is its future? So many questions that need to be answered to point us towards the future.

How do we proceed from here? Approximately 60 people attended a Strategy Workshop on Saturday, March 18th to find the answers to these and many more questions. The three and a half hour session, led by Herman Chang, a retired management consultant and former university instructor, was an eyeopener. The Workshop covered the history, the needs, and tried to answer where we are headed and why do we want to relocate.

Apart from Herman, we had the input of some senior advisors - Norman Ho-Fatt, George Phang-Lyn and Abraham Chin. We applauded their vision to buy property so Tsung Tsin could have a home of its own. Though the Association is now 34 years old, the building is 27 years old and had members from different countries of Hakka origin. On this day, we came together to find out what is our plan for the next 30 years and how we can attract the next generation to be members.

The attendees broke up twice into smaller groups to come up with solutions to why are there so few members under 40 years old in TTA and what would motivate them to join any club or association. The Board members will be looking further into this, and since through the Workshop we now know our strengths and weaknesses, we have a base to make plans.


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