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Collection for Fenelon Falls First Peoples

Updated: Nov 17

Hello everyone, 

I hope this email finds you well and in good health. I know during this time mostly everyone has been able to work towards the house and home of their dreams, and for many that means decluttering. I am looking forward to collecting all the new or lightly used clothing and items for the group at Fenelon Falls! This excitement is met with the utmost need to remain safe and vigilant of the virus and spreading it.  That being said, please HOLD ON TO all your donation items. DO NOT bring them to Tsung Tsin as we also want to ensure we are keeping our community safe and free from the virus. The reservation is currently working on their own deep cleaning process; and that takes time. Once I receive more information about the safe collection of all donation items, we will be holding a  1 day collection of all items (location TBD). Till then, please hold onto all your items in a safe place (and if possible, wash and dry the pre-used items before storing them).  Again, I am extremely appreciative of all the donations (past and future) we have been able to collect for the Fenelon Falls reservation. Your giving hearts are deep and without boundaries. It makes me glad to know that the Tsung Tsin community thinks not only of the wellbeing of their own, but that of others.  Stay safe and I can’t wait to see you all again soon. Debbie

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