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Jamaican Fish Fry 2017

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Tsung Tsin members were fed up with the cold weather and looking forward to some Caribbean atmosphere and food. Two hundred and forty members and guests showed up. Even though doors weren’t supposed to open until 6:30 p.m., enough were on hand for the delicious food to be served at 6 p.m.

It was like clock work, the line moved swiftly and the only hold back was at the hot pickle sauce station as people were making sure they got enough to spread over their fish. Yum, yum! Thank you Charley Chung and your hardworking band of volunteers. The bar has been set so high now, I wonder how it will be surpassed next year. By 6:30 p.m. everyone was digging into the fish, rice and peas, hardo bread, coleslaw and festival.

M.C. Loraine Lee introduced President Jennifer Chin who made her first events speech. She welcomed everyone including past presidents George Phang-Lyn, Matthew Lyn, Carol Wong and Clive Yap Sam who, according to Jennifer will be known as DJ Clive. She emphasized the importance of introducing children to the Jamaican and Chinese culture. Events like this was one way of doing that.

After dinner, a mountain of dessert was placed on each table. All the guests had more than enough cake, pudding and fruit to ‘full their belly’. Afterward, we were treated to an hour of entertainment by TTA’s own Jamaican Jammers - Pat and Larry Chung, Lloyd Chung, Nigel Johnson, Bobby Lyew and Harold Wong who sang songs to the theme of a boy who was looking all over for love, found it practically in his backyard and got married. We heard songs like - Once upon a time, I was lonely, Kingston Town, Someone loves you, I am getting married in the morning. The performers all wore the Jamaican colours and Pat in the role of a bride, reggaed down the aisle. The group had soul, and everyone got a solo part. I hear they are looking for an agent!

Speaking about soul, a surprise act was Jon-ieeSoul who rounded out the entertainment with his heartfelt singing of She’s a Lady and Woman Don’t Cry. After the door prizes were drawn, DJ Clive put on some great music and had everyone rocking. As the clocks were going forward that night, the crowd had to be persuaded to leave before midnight. Thank you to coordinators Denise Yap Sam and Sweetie Lee, and of course the many volunteers who help make every event a success.


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